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Mailbag: Moore's OC Debut; Is McCoy An Option?


By what measure would you say that Kellen Moore is a successful offensive coordinator? How many wins and passing/rushing records are we looking for this season? - JOHNNY BOOTH / LITTLE ELM, TX

Bryan: Kellen Moore will be considered a successful offensive coordinator if he gets to come back for the 2020 season. Let's be honest here: The front office feels like they've got enough talent on the roster to help the coaches keep their jobs. It's just not Moore but everyone involved. Moore could have great numbers but that might not be enough if the defense doesn't hold up their end. It's a tough situation overall.

Rob: When evaluating the offense, it's not about records. It's about points. Last season they averaged 20 points a game without Amari Cooper and 22.1 per game with him. An improvement, but red zone efficiency was an issue all season. When this team won 13 games and clinched homefield advantage in 2016, they were top-5 in scoring at 26.3 per game. No doubt that's where they want to get again.

I know the defense is already one of the best in the league. However, it seems to me that free agent DT Gerald McCoy could be the missing piece to putting this defense over the top. I know they have some big contracts that they need to get done, but is there any cap room left to sign him? - KURT KUNST / COLCHESTER, CT

Bryan: Was told by the cap guys that they are capable of doing one-year deals. They're a creative group, but the player has to be willing to work with them to make that happen. I am not sure McCoy is there yet.

Rob: They've got cap room even though they're also budgeting for future deals, as you mentioned. It must be noted that the Cowboys have already made an effort to improve the defensive tackle depth and they just spent a second-round pick on Trysten Hill. But I do look at McCoy a little like Robert Quinn, whom the Cowboys traded for in April. He's a veteran guy who could step in and help a team right away.

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