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Mailbag: More Brice Butler? Free-Agent Find?


Since re-signing Brice Butler, you would think that he would fit back in the passing game right away. Why hasn't he been used? He was more of a threat than Dez last year. - LEE STRAIN

Rob: Dez was still their top threat last year, in my opinion. But Butler has shown the ability to separate and make plays with Dak Prescott in this offense. I'd consider increasing his workload. I'm also the same guy who has kept saying 'pare down the WR rotation.' But at this point it's about finding solutions.

Bryan: I have been behind on why they haven't used Butler more. I was expecting him to play more against Houston but that just didn't happen. Jacksonville's secondary is really good and will contest a ton of balls so they will need a guy that can extend for catches. I think Butler could be that guy.


With the way Antwaun Woods has played so far is he Will McClay's best 'find' as an undrafted free agent? - REUBEN JOHNSON / MT JULIET, TN

Rob: Woods was already in the league a year with the Titans before coming to Dallas. But he's shaping up to be one of the team's best bargain additions. There have been a lot of finds on the defensive line. David Irving stands out most from a talent perspective when he's on the field.

Bryan: It just goes to show you for every guy like Stephen Paea you can also find a guy like Antwan Woods. That's what makes scouting so interesting.

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