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Mailbag: Most Important Cowboys Draft In Years?


I know all drafts are important, but would you say this one is more important than any recent one with the departure of so many players and very minimum free agency signings so far? — DERRICK CARTRETTE / GALIVANTS FERRY, SC

Rob: The way the Cowboys approach roster building, I don't think you can say one draft is more important than the previous one. They're all extremely important to their overall strategy of drafting and developing players while simultaneously trying to contend for a title. To your point, no question they have multiple needs that they need to successfully address this year — and I say that knowing they'll probably circle back to free agency for more help in May. This is a big draft for the franchise, no doubt about it.

David: It's important, because this is how the organization has chosen to replenish the vast majority of its talent level. I'm not sure it really stands out more than any others, though. This team is still good enough to win the NFC East, and it also has found and developed a franchise quarterback. I'm not saying you're supposed to be satisfied by that, but they can survive a bad or mediocre draft without needing to go through a rebuild. Again, I understand that the goal is to accomplish more than that, but this doesn't feel to me like a franchise-defining draft.

There are many seven-round mock draft with a multitude of ways to go in the draft. But it you had to pick at 24, and that was your only pick in the entire seven rounds, who would you take? — ROBERT LECLERC / PRINCE GEORGE, BC

Rob: With this hypothetical, one can argue you'd absolutely have to take the best player available, right? I'd focus on the biggest need and that's offensive line help — specifically guard, in my opinion. I went with Kenyon Green in my first mock draft for that reason — not just because he's an A&M guy, but he played everywhere but center in college and the Cowboys need depth at a couple different spots right now.

David: Rob's answer is the right one, unless the first round gets really wacky. Derek Stingley Jr., George Karlaftis and Jameson Williams are all guys that I don't expect to fall to No. 24, but I think you'd have to consider taking any of them if they're there. Stingley has the physical tools of a 10-year starter at cornerback, Karlaftis would be a Day 1 difference-maker at a position of need, and I think Williams possesses game-changing speed on a Tyreek Hill-type of level. Like I said, I think they'll all hear their names called before Dallas picks, but I'd be excited to be wrong.

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