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Mailbag: Most Impressive Rookie DB?


I heard Dan Quinn talk about using the 3-4 defense or a version of it. Would there ever be a time you would see LVE, Smith, Parsons and Cox on the field at the same time? How do you think they would be used: two rushing, two dropping or one rushing and three back? DAVID JONES

David: Theoretically, I think this is possible but probably unlikely. In that scenario, I think you'd see Leighton Vander Esch and Jabril Cox playing as middle linebackers, with Jaylon Smith and Micah Parsons playing as edge rushers. The problem is that you'd likely have to take DeMarcus Lawrence and/or Randy Gregory off the field to accommodate everyone, and I'm not sure that's a great idea.

Jonny: I wouldn't expect it much, if at all. Cox is the odd man out here, but he's the sort of draft lock who doesn't need to start Week 1 or at all this season. But I think Dave's point is true: you'd have to take out one of Lawrence or Gregory. But if one of those players is unavailable that's when your hypothetical becomes interesting. Will Cox's potential be so enticing that Quinn tries to get him on the field instead of going down his defensive end depth chart?

I realize it's very early, but who so far has impressed the most of the rookie DBs: Kelvin Joseph, Nahshon Wright, Israel Mukuamu, Tyler Coyle? ROBERT FERGUSON / CARROLLTON, TX

David: I promise I'm not blowing smoke. We've had a chance to watch two practices, and Nahshon Wright has shown up in both of them. His instincts are impressive, and he's consistently contesting passes thrown his way. It doesn't mean much in an unpadded practice, but it's at least encouraging that he's making the most of the opportunities he's seeing.

Jonny: I haven't had the kind of vantage point where I could confidently break down their play yet. But Nahshon Wright certainly looks every bit of 6'4. It's hard to watch anyone else when he's on the field. Every play I'm begging him to hit the weight room because he just looks so skinny lined up against NFL players. But all that length can be a huge asset and he seems to be holding his own out there.

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