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Mailbag: Move Tyron Smith Back to Left Tackle?


With Biadasz expected to be out, wouldn't it make sense to move Tyron Smith back to left tackle and put Jason Peters at right tackle. Tyron Smith is the best left tackle and there is concern that, at his age, Jason Peters may not be able to play 50-60 snaps. Better to have Josh Ball or someone spell Peters at right tackle than left? – Warren Brodeur/McDonough, GA

Nick: I have to trust what the coaches and players believe on this one. They're as close to the action as anyone and they know what these guys can do and not do. I'm sure you can say that about any position, but with the O-line, they've seemed to push the right buttons all year. And don't forget this part - Tyron Smith went to the coaches and volunteered to move to right. If he or anyone else thought Peters could handle it, then he probably goes back to left. Someone felt they needed a fix at right tackle above Peters. But also, they may have a different plan at left guard to replace McGovern. Let's let it play out because it's pretty much worked so far.

Patrik: I was on this train until it was derailed by the season-ending injury to Terence Steele. Once that happened, you had to ask yourself if you wanted to keep Jason Peters at RT after he saved the day against the Houston Texans, but he's also 40 years old and hadn't taken a snap there since 2006, or if you'd go with a younger future Hall of Famer in Tyron Smith — who last played RT in 2011 — and make Peters your swing tackle. The Cowboys opted for the latter, and I don't disagree with it, but here's another twist: Tyler Biadasz is down until probably the playoffs which moves Connor McGovern to center and Tyler Smith to left guard, leaving LT for Peters to slide back into. My point is that there was a point when No. 77 could've been dropped back in at LT, but that moment has been obliterated by injury at two other positions on the offensive line, so leave him at RT and keep it pushing.

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