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Mailbag: Navigating Deals For Multiple Stars?


Is there a way to get Zeke, Dak and Amari extended without tearing up the team? - STEPHEN GRAYSON / GREENVILLE, MS

Bryan: Smart guys running this cap. Been told that they can do exactly that, but they're going to need a little help from the agents. 

Rob: The Cowboys have the flexibility to get all three deals done. Now, here's the catch. This is why they make shrewd signings with outside free agents. When people get upset that they didn't spend big on a veteran out there on the market, this is why. Assuming all three deals get done eventually, it does make the draft more and more important. When you devote major cap space to a handful of guys, you've got to hit on draft picks who have cap-friendly salaries for four years.

Why did DeMarcus Lawrence and Byron Jones wait so long before they had their surgeries done when now they will both miss all or part of training camp? - HERBERT JANNSEN / WALNUT CREEK, CA

Bryan: Please don't get on the training staff for this. They made it through the season and just needed some time to evaluate their situation. Both Jones and Lawrence will be ready for the start of the season that's all we really need to focus on.

Rob: Agree with Bryan -- there's no one at fault here. Lawrence's timing of the surgery was tricky because of the contract talks. Props to both sides for getting a deal done in April. Sounds like he could return in camp but the Cowboys probably don't want to push it. Jones tried to let rest heal his hip issue but ultimately they decided surgery was the best option. It wasn't procrastination. There's optimism he'll be ready for Week 1 as well.

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