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Mailbag: Needing Takeaways; Byron Jones' Role?


What is causing this team to not have any interceptions? You would think with this team's pass rush they would be able to generate more INTs. - STANLEY SPAULDING / CARY, NC

Bryan: Opponents just haven't missed with throws. I don't think it's anything the corners are doing technique wise. The only real chance they had for one was in Carolina with Jeff Heath. This week they're playing a guy that will turn it over, so let's see how it plays out.

Rob: Stanley, thanks for bringing up my key to the game. The Cowboys are the only team in the league without a pick, and you're right, the pass rush has been good enough to help force them. To win a prime-time game on the road like this one, I don't think you can ask the offense to drive the length of the field every time. They need a short field or two.


With Byron Jones' elite-level cornerback play, do you see the coaching staff having him shadow the opponent's No. 1 receiver? - BRETT KINNETT / ALASKA

Bryan: No I don't. It's not the style of these coaches to play that way. Marinelli and Richard have always lined their guys up at their spots and let them play. 

Rob: Haven't seen the corners shadow receivers much under Rod Marinelli. And there's a lot of confidence in Chidobe Awuzie on the other side. I asked Marinelli about those close pass plays Awuzie gave up against Detroit and he basically shrugged his shoulders. The second-year corner played coverage about as well as humanly possible in those situations.

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