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Mailbag: Next Cowboys In The Hall Of Fame?


There are at least three Cowboys players who I think most Cowboys fans would agree should be in the Hall of Fame: Drew Pearson, Cliff Harris and Darren Woodson. Each has been close. What do you think their chances are at this point of ever making it? - BECKY KOONCE-MEYER / HOCKLEY, TX

Bryan: Nothing against Cliff Harris, but Drew Pearson and Darren Woodson in my opinion have the best chance. I just don't see the Hall allowing all three to get in. If I had to just choose one, Woodson would be my guy. What a player in so many ways.

Rob: This is a timely question amid reports that the Pro Football Hall of Fame will consider expanding the 2020 class from eight inductees to 20 in honor of the league's 100th anniversary. Pearson, Harris and Woodson all deserve consideration. The safety position is getting a lot more competitive with new guys becoming eligible, but Woodson's credentials stack up well. He's the franchise's all-time leading tackler and was a huge part of a three-time championship defense.

A lot of good players are not going to make the 53. With that being said, how is eligibility for the practice squad determined, and how do the Cowboys typically fill it out by position? Also, is there anyone from last year's list out of eligibility? - SPRINGDALE, AR / CHIP NELSON

Bryan: This will be a difficult practice squad to fill out because you're right, there are going to be some tough cuts. You also have to worry about other teams claiming your players. When you set up your squad you have to be mindful of how you're going to practice. You don't want your veteran guys taking too many reps during the week.

Rob: To Bryan's point, it's important to have practice squad players with position flex. That's why Jameill Showers has been valuable here in recent years. With only 10 spots, you can't have everything, but it usually includes a combination of skill players and linemen.

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