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Mailbag: Next Step In Dak's Progression?

Dak Prescott

There has been lots of positive news about Dak improving his accuracy and his footwork working well with quarterbacks coach Jon Kitna. I think that is very positive. The other area that I don't see written about much is his ability to sense the rush. I guess I got spoiled with Romo – he always seemed like he could dip and weave his way out of trouble and complete the play. Does Dak need to work on his peripheral vision? - GEOFFREY BALDWIN / SANFORD, FL

Rob: There have been plays where Prescott has done an incredible job getting away from pressure, whether it's breaking a tackle or even doing that little patented Romo spin out of the pocket. I do think quarterbacks can get a better feel for the oncoming rush the more they play. And Prescott has acknowledged that sometimes he's simply got to have a clock in his head and get the ball out before he takes a sack.

David: Pocket presence is a big thing, and it's definitely something Dak needs to improve. The offensive line struggled at times last year, but Dak also ran himself into no small number of sacks. It's a hard thing to see during training camp, because quarterbacks can't take hits. But it should definitely be a focal point in the coming month.

With Jason Witten coming back, do you think it impacts Blake Jarwin, not only from a playing time standpoint but also a mental standpoint? Jarwin ended the year with so much momentum and It seems like having 82 back will take Jarwin off the field more times than not it seems. Thoughts? - MATT WHITE / ELGIN, OK

Rob: I wouldn't worry about that. Jarwin will get his opportunities this season and I don't see any downside to being around a likely future Hall of Famer every day. Here's the other thing: In my opinion, Witten's return actually bought the Cowboys another year to evaluate Jarwin (they love his potential) instead of perhaps feeling inclined to draft another young tight end early this past April.

David: Yep, that's definitely a byproduct of bringing Witten back. I don't know if it will affect Jarwin mentally. He seems like a pretty tough guy, and I obviously don't think Witten will have a negative impact in that room. But the simple fact of the matter is that it's going to limit the snaps for both Jarwin and Dalton Schultz. It is what it is.

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