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Mailbag: No Trades But Excitement Coming?


So if I told you at the trade deadline we'd be getting a multi-Pro Bowl, future Hall of Fame tackle and a second-round wide receiver, wouldn't we all be excited? Might be a few weeks still, but you'll be getting Tyron Smith and James Washington back and making your team "whole." – Keith Tremel/Edgewater, MD

Nick: I think that would be a glass half-full approach. And I like that, but it's definitely not the norm among the Cowboys fans that I hear from. They always want more and the additions of Washington and Tyron Smith don't seem to move the needle right now. The Tyron Smith move is interesting because not everyone believes he should be plugged back into his left tackle spot. Personally, I'm playing Tyron if he's healthy and I can move Tyler Smith to guard or the bench if needed. Until I see Tyron Smith has lost a step or three, I'm playing the future Hall of Famer. Could you imagine getting into the playoffs and the offense struggles to block and you've got Jason Peters and Tyron Smith sitting on the bench. I just don't see it happening. I think Washington will help provide some depth as well.

Kurt: Yes, getting Smith and Washington back in the lineup should be a definite boost, but what's the old saying? A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? With a team talented enough to make a playoff run, fans wanted someone who could help immediately. Instead, they now have to wait, and in the case of Smith perhaps wait awhile. That's never easy. Of course, there is also concern about will these two make the team "whole"? Smith will be coming off yet another injury and a major one at that. Can he return to form and seamlessly join an offensive line that has performed above expectations? And Washington didn't exactly fill up the stat sheet in his last couple of seasons with the Steelers. Can he step into a bigger role coming off a foot injury that he said was the most serious of his career? Again, both will bring needed help, but trying to get fans excited for what might be down the road instead of what might have been at the trade deadline is just a tall order.

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