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Mailbag: Ones To Watch In Preseason Opener?


Who will you guys be keeping your eyes on this Thursday as the Boys take on San Francisco? - JAMES RUNNELS IV / DESOTO, TX

Rob: Broken record - the wide receivers. Even if Dak Prescott doesn't get a ton of work, it'll still be interesting to see which wideouts capitalize on their reps with the backup quarterbacks. Lance Lenoir Jr. is someone to keep an eye on. The numbers don't appear to be in his favor, but overall he has been very impressive and he shows up on special teams, too.

Bryan: That's a difficult question because it's the first preseason game. When I broadcast the game it causes me to try and watch everything and everyone. Where I will focus on players is the next day when I study tape.

How do coaches account for players who may not practice well all the time, but seem to bring it all together during games? Is it possible that Rico is such a player, and needs game experience to bring it all together? - RUSSELL MOORE / PALESTINE, TX

Rob: Gathers has shown up in practice lately and has put himself in the conversation to make this team, but your point is well taken. We've seen this type of thing with other players, even Prescott. Cooper Rush is another example. More than anything on earth, coaches want consistency. Are you reliable? But, at the end of the day, they'd rather have a good game-day player than a good practice player.

Bryan: Gathers is practicing well so the games are more important to him. He has to prove that he can remember the plays, make the adjustments and finish plays. If does all that then he has a chance to be on this roster.

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