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Mailbag: Pass Rush Help? Not Enough WR Speed?


There isn't a debate about the overall skill set and depth at wide receiver. The one thing I haven't heard is "elite speed" - someone who scares the daylights out of a defense of running a deep route. Is there anyone on the Cowboys roster with this kind of speed? If not, is this something we need? — DAVE NYSTROM / LOUDON, TN

David: Nick is definitely the guy for this question, because I know he's been begging for a speed demon for years. Personally, I don't care much about it. I've seen Amari Cooper go to the house from 60-80 yards out far too many times to think this team doesn't have solid speed. It would be fun to have a track star, but I don't think it's necessary.

Nick: I think if there was one element of this wide receiver group that is missing, it would be that speed you're talking about. It's not that they don't have guys who can get deep and make big plays. But elite, track-star speed is not exactly on this roster. That's why I was really hoping the Cowboys would've added Anthony Schwartz from Auburn in the third round. He would've given that added-dimension but I think this offense is going to be fine without that. Pollard will help in different ways and all three of the top receivers have the ability to get behind the coverage.

What's the chance Dallas goes into the season with just the pass rushers on hand? And if not, are there any on the radar that you've heard about possibly an addition? — CHARLES SOUTHARD / LAMPASAS, TX

Nick: I think this will be the group. Something tells me there will enough talent that excites the Cowboys and the coaching staff enough to go with this group. Someone will emerge from the pack between Anae, Armstrong and Basham as a legit third rusher. My feeling is that Basham will be the guy. But I think Dan Quinn will develop these guys where someone, or maybe two guys under the radar, will blossom into a big-time player.

David: If they're going to add someone new, I think it would likely happen during roster cuts. Maybe they make a minor trade or sign someone else's roster cut. I know there are some veterans out there like Melvin Ingram or Justin Houston, but I don't see the front office spending that kind of money.

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