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Mailbag: Plan For The Draft Class? K.J. Wright?


Everyone wants to speculate whether the Cowboys go offense or defense and/or "best player available" vs. "need" with their first pick. I'm wondering what you expect them to do with their picks in the second, third and fourth rounds? – BRYAN SCOTT / RED LION, PA

David: What makes the draft so fun is that there's simply no way to predict what happens beyond the first pick or two. What I can say is that I think this draft is going to have a very defensive lean to it. Does that mean they'll draft a cornerback at No. 10? It's hard to say. But if you consider their "big" picks – meaning No. 10, No. 44, No. 75, No. 99 and No. 115 – I think the vast majority of them will be defensive players. If they make an exception on offense, I'd guess it'd be for a backup offensive tackle or perhaps a tight end they really like. But I'm guessing the front office is going to try to find 2-3 immediate defensive starters in this draft class.

Nick: Someone told me a long time ago ... never try to get ahead of the draft. It never seems to work. Things are so fluid that it's just so hard to speculate. But, in this case, I don't think you can go wrong by suggesting the Cowboys will look to defense. They have to. And nothing they've done in free agency seems to be a long-term solution. It's all one-year and two-year deals so that doesn't eliminate any position from being picked. If the Cowboys somehow get their cornerback at No. 10, I would imagine a linebacker and/or pass-rusher would be in the mix. But all positions are on the table. Safety, defensive tackle and then offensive line as well. Lots of options to go there and really anything should be considered, outside of taking a skill position on offense.

Rumors are that K.J. Wright wants to reunite with Dan Quinn in Dallas, but he wants a two-year deal instead of a one-year deal. Why not do it? If you know that the cap will increase next season, sign him now and save some money, right? – JAMES JORDAN / CONVERSE, TX

David: This is a really interesting one, because that's a deal that I'd absolutely do – but it's always going to depend on price. It's hard to say where this is going, but I'll just offer this: K.J. Wright is a 10-year vet with nearly 1,000 tackles and a Super Bowl ring. I don't think he's going to rush into a deal that he doesn't feel good about. If this is a situation you have to slow play in order to secure the best situation for everyone, I'm fine with that. Hard to say much else besides we'll have to wait and see.

Nick: He's not the first player who has mentioned the Cowboys as one of his destinations. That seems to happen a lot. But usually, at the end of the day, it comes down to money. Even when you think there's a connection there with former teammates or coaches, the player picks the better contract most of the time. The only exception is usually to be on a team that is a player or two away from winning the Super Bowl. I don't think anyone would say that about this team and defense. Now, adding Wright would be a big addition because even though he's on the latter side of his career, he's a winner and he knows this scheme. I think it would be a great fit and bring some much-needed stability to the position.

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