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Mailbag: Potential Impact On Next Year's Draft


With all of the talk about the upcoming NFL season I haven't heard much about the college football season. What are you guys' thoughts on how next year's college football season will affect next year's NFL draft? ROBERT TERRY


Jonny: That's impossible to answer for now. We really have no idea if college football will actually happen this year. Unlike a professional sports league, college football is made up of so many governing bodies that are supposed to be prioritizing the academics and well-being of their students above all else. In the event that college football didn't happen your question becomes fascinating. Scouts and talent evaluators would have an unenviable job. Would you feel comfortable with the Cowboys projecting potential onto younger players who might have taken a leap to a more productive year? The virtual draft was a big step. Drafting without a recent college football season would be a whole new world.

Nick: I've always thought to take care of A-B-C before you start trying to fix R,S & T. I appreciate the question and looking down the road but there just seems to be so many factors to take care of before that to really know how it will affect anything. Right now the plan is to play football games. Who knows how full the stands will be. But if they play games, then the draft shouldn't be affected.

Obviously the top three receivers are set, and really all you need. Since teams keep around 5-6 WRs, I tend look at the fourth spot collectively of the remaining group. Last year, that group had around 24 receptions for 351 yards for the WR4 position. Ventell Bryant certainly made the most of his opportunity last year. Are we to expect better or about the same production from the WR4 group under McCarthy? MARCO ASPAAS / VANCOUVER, WA

Jonny: That's an interesting question and I've turned in my head a few times already. On one hand, the Cowboys are likely hoping for a little more reliability and potential from the receivers in those roles this year. But ultimately the actual answer to whether those numbers will be higher or lower is a little boring: It will probably come down to injuries. Cooper and Gallup both have injury histories, but have managed to not miss too much time. If they stay healthy, you're probably just looking at the same production. The real question is, if one of those receivers has to step into a larger role, will they be ready and capable?

Nick: Good question and that's a spot that is wide open for sure. Bryant made the most of his chance on special teams. And that is a valuable role for sure. But the fourth receiver spot is anyone's guess. Someone from the pack of Noah Brown, Jon'Vea Johnson, Cedrick Wilson and Devin Smith could emerge into that role. I still like Smith because he's the real speedster of the group. Whenever practice resumes, that'll be something to watch.

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