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Mailbag: Previewing The Blue-White Scrimmage

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As we look forward to Sunday, who or what are you looking for? Which players should we most be looking forward to seeing compete? What matchups should we look for? Will the new offensive wrinkles be on display? - JEFF JOYCE / SHAWNEE, KS

Bryan: A lot questions there, Jeff. For the most part it will be a regular practice except at the end where guys from the second and third units will have a chance to battle in LIVE work. I am most excited to see if the young offensive line can handle those young defensive linemen. They need to establish who's going to be on this squad as backup players. I remember a while back this was a practice where David Irving first shined. Guys that play well on this Sunday will get first cracks next week against the 49ers. 

Rob: I'm interested to see how the first-team offense rebounds after a strong performance by the defense Saturday. It was tough sledding for Dak Prescott and company at times without Randall Cobb (rest), Jason Witten (rest) and Amari Cooper (heel). The offense and defense have traded off "wins" in the first week of camp. That's the sign of a complete team. Also keep an eye on some younger players who have been standing out: LB Luke Gifford (No. 57), CB Donovan Olumba (No. 32) and WR Reggie Davis (No. 11).

I'm wondering how much offensive and defensive coaches collaborate on who to bring to camp. For example, does Kris Richard tell Kellen Moore, "Hey my guys had trouble with speed receivers last year and we need some work, let's get more speed in during training camp" and vice versa? - DAVID BLIDE / CARTHAGE, NC

Bryan: I asked Jason Garrett that exact question in the press conference walk-off and his answer was they want speed regardless at all positions. A fast team is a better team. Their goal is to have fast players. Back in the day when I scouted I wanted speed on our practice squad to challenge our corners each day. I don't believe that's changed.

Rob: That's an interesting thought. I think in your example, both coaches' interests would intersect here. The Cowboys always want more speed at the receiver position. This is the fastest overall group I can recall here in the last few years. So it's probably a natural by-product.

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