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Mailbag: Pro Bowl Hate? Save Money With Amari? 


Am I the only person that still enjoys the Pro Bowl? I know it's not a real game but I think it's entertaining. What are your thoughts on the Pro Bowl and do you think there's anything the league can do to make it better? — Rodney Talbert / Jefferson City, MO

Dave: I don't think it's possible to improve a football game that isn't allowed to be physical. I do think the criticism is a little overblown. The NFL does a decent job in a no-win situation. But if it was up to me, I'd expand the skills competition. I'd like to see some 40-yard dashes, some accuracy competitions and maybe even some sack races. If you can't play real football, let's just have some fun.

Nick: What I think is funny about the Pro Bowl – everyone likes to criticize the game and when someone is selected the response is always "who cares?" But trust me, when the guys get announced for the Hall of Fame in two weeks, the first thing you're gonna hear is ... "DeMarcus Ware made nine Pro Bowls." For these players, especially linemen, getting picked to the Pro Bowl is a bigger deal than the game. But I've never had a problem with the Pro Bowl, or really any All-Star game for that matter. All of them are played much differently than the regular season and it's for one reason – IT DOESN'T MATTER. It's supposed to be fun so let the guys have fun. And you really wouldn't want it any other way. The last thing any team wants is for a player to get hurt at the Pro Bowl. I know me personally, I end up watching the game when it's on. I like how the NFL has allowed cameras in the huddle and mic'd up sidelines. I think it's also a good time to try some experimental rules, too.

I'm starting to hear more and more about the possibility of Amari Cooper being cut? I'm all for saving money but should we really get rid of our best receiver? Maybe we work on getting him the ball more rather than cutting him. — J.D Gipson / Sarasota, Fla.

Dave: I've heard that, too, and I think it's completely absurd. Amari's numbers were disappointing in 2021, but I still think he's the best receiver on this team — and I definitely think he's a game-changer if the play caller and quarterback make a more concerted effort to get him the ball. I get that Amari makes a lot of money, but this team isn't better in 2022 without him. It's as simple as that.

Nick: I think where it's coming from are these lists that show just how much the Cowboys can save by cutting certain players and Amari Cooper is atop the list with about $16 million in savings. But I've never been a big fan of fixing a problem by creating another. Sure, you can cut Amari and that might help you sign Randy Gregory or Schultz or Kearse or probably either Gallup or Cedrick Wilson – or both. But now what? All of a sudden, that No. 24 overall pick might have to be a wide receiver. This becomes another need if you get rid of Cooper. And if you just look at the stats for Dak when Cooper got here, it seems like the offense is much, much better when No. 19 is running routes. I think the focus should be to scheme both Cooper and Lamb open a lot more in 2022. I'd keep him on the roster and try block a little longer so they can make more plays.

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