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Mailbag: Progress For Gregory, Connor Williams?


Didn't hear Connor Williams' name called much on Sunday, which means he wasn't called for any penalties. Is he starting to "get it" as far as the pro game goes? What has he improved on and what does he still need to work on? - BRYAN WALSH

Bryan: Connor Williams has improved every week. Like any of these linemen he's going to have a poor play or two. He has improved his ability to play with knee bend. He understands now when he gets tall he's going to have issues. Working to prevent that.

Rob: First, I like how Williams battles. He doesn't win every snap, and he might need an offseason to improve his strength, but he's winning more often than not. His best trait might be his athleticism, and you really can see it when the Cowboys get their linemen on the move, like in the screen game.


Do you have the feeling that Randy Gregory is about to have a breakout game? - KEVIN POSEY / LUFKIN, TX

Bryan: Hopeful. Been working hard but just quite not there. Have a feeling that if he gets a sack or two it might kick start some confidence. Been used more in twist stunts inside and that's been a struggle for him. Doesn't have the power of Lawrence to rush inside and just blow through blockers. Has to win on that edge.

Rob: Like, will he get three sacks in a single game? I don't know, but I believe he'll get better as the season goes along. He did have a nice pressure early in the game against Detroit. Have to remember Gregory has now played three games in the last two years (he missed Week 2 against the Giants due to concussion). Just needs to keep playing and keep accumulating snaps.

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