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Mailbag: Protecting Dak; Adding More QB Depth?


With only three QBs on the roster, I assume the team will bring in one more for training camp. Do you see this happening and if so, would it be a veteran or rookie? - PAUL KARAM / HOUSTON, TX

Rob: Sounds like they might only keep three on the 90-man roster, at least for now. Dak Prescott takes a lot of the practice reps, and they want Mike White and Cooper Rush to get a lot of work, too. White is in Year 2 and Rush is in Year 3. Evaluating those young backups will be important.

Bryan: I'll be interested to see if they really do that. Prescott loves the snaps in practice and the other guys need the work. The coaches need to figure out this backup situation, so having an extra guy around just to take up a spot to throw drills is probably not necessary. All these guys need the work.

The Cowboys spend a higher percent of their salary cap on the offensive line than any other team in the NFL, but Dak was sacked second most of any quarterback in 2018. Is there any real solution to the frequent sacks or do you think that just comes with the territory when you have a quarterback who moves out of the pocket a lot? - WOODY BANKS / GRAPEVINE, TX

Rob: There's never just one reason for sacks. You have to look at them individually. Prescott acknowledged last year he just wouldn't give up on a play at times, and the linemen acknowledged their pass protection needed work at times. There were a lot of moving parts on the line last year: injuries, Travis Frederick's absence, a midseason change at offensive line coach. I do think they got back to their physical identity, especially in the run game, once Marc Colombo took over. Frederick can make a big difference back at center, and it looks like Connor Williams has committed himself to getting stronger.

Bryan: Garrett will tell you that the sacks is a combination of all things: the quarterback, line and receivers. To pin it on the line is the wrong approach. They need to improve as a unit and that includes the coaches to get the ball out of Prescott's hand quicker to avoid those negative plays.

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