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Mailbag: Questions About CB Depth?


It seems like all I've heard about is Nahshon Wright and nothing about the second-rounder, Kelvin Joseph. I saw an article yesterday that said Wright looks like he could push for a starting role. Where is the coverage on Joseph, or does the silence say it all? If Wright ends up being the man I'm certainly ok with that, but at this point I'm really curious about the higher investment. — GREG LAJOHN / ERIE, PA

David: For starters, let's pump the brakes on the hype train a little bit. Nahshon Wright had a solid spring, but I need to see a lot more before I'm penciling him into a starting role. I have a feeling it's going to be hard for any rookie to unseat the trio of Anthony Brown, Jourdan Lewis and Trevon Diggs. But to answer your question, Kelvin Joseph was sidelined by illness for a solid portion of the spring. It would've been nice to see more of him, but he'll have plenty of opportunity at training camp.

Jonny: Joseph was locked in a hotel room, dealing with an illness. You don't come to the NFL and compete against receivers while trying to shake off rust, possibly a little fatigue, and maybe a little jitters and stand out right away. Wright and Joseph will both have their moments in training camp, but I'd say that Anthony Brown is a pretty safe bet to be Week 1 starter opposite Trevon Diggs.

How did Reggie Robinson do during the spring? I have not heard anything regarding him in all of these CB articles. Is he a Dan Quinn cornerback? — DEE POWELL / FLOWER MOUND, TX

David: I thought Reggie had a really productive spring, and he seemed to make a solid number of plays. It was really encouraging for a guy who couldn't get onto the field at all last year. If you'll recall, he was playing safety last year and has moved back to cornerback since Dan Quinn took the defensive coordinator job. That, combined with the fact that he looked good during OTAs, gives me confidence that he can carve out a role for himself during training camp.

Jonny: I wouldn't go so far to say he was a spring standout, but he wasn't invisible like he was last season, which is a nice start. He definitely feels like a guy who could benefit from a fresh start to his career under Dan Quinn. Dave mentioned his switch back to cornerback and I think that's big. It sounds like Quinn wants to let him try to do what he was good at in college and hopefully get him on the field enough in training camp to see if he might have a place in the rotation or is at least a player who could contribute if there's a string of injuries at the position.

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