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Mailbag: Raising The Bar? Sean Lee's Role?


Considering the fairly low expectations by so many at the beginning of the season and then the 3-5 start, would you consider this season a successful one regardless of what the outcome in the coming weeks? Or does this team need to get to the NFC championship game to truly be a success? - BRYAN SCOTT / RED LION, PA

Rob: To me, from where this team was in November, no question this is a successful season regardless of the end result. Fans should be proud of the way this group has fought back. But their goal – every team's goal – is to win the whole thing, and when you get this far, anything less will probably feel like a disappointment to them.

Bryan: The ultimate goal is to win the Super Bowl as you well know, so that's still in place. I'd say regardless it has been a successful season. You're one of the final eight teams in the league, and as mentioned, my expectations for this team wasn't the playoffs. There clearly are things to build on with this team, and that I would deem successful.


Were you surprised at all by Sean Lee's snap count against the Seahawks? Looked like he was building back up against the Giants the week before. MIKE S / PLANO, TX

Rob: Surprised. Lee got only four snaps on defense, but head coach Jason Garrett explained that the flow of the game contributed to the low total. They planned on rotating him in as usual, but Seattle ran only 22 plays in the first half with a bunch of three-and-outs. He's still a viable option to help this defense.

Bryan: I was very surprised and very wrong about my expectations when it came to Lee. He played so well the previous time these two teams met and I thought he'd have a big game. Vander Esch and Smith were outstanding but for Lee to only get four snaps was beyond disappointing in my book.

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