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Mailbag: Real Trade Expectations? O-Line Rotation?


With the exception of the QB and offensive line, every other position on the field shuttle in guys for the scheme they are playing as well as for "freshness." I understand that continuity with the starting 5 on the offensive line is important however could there be a greater benefit in using a couple of guys like Steele and McGovern? Both are playing well and both can give the guards and tackles a breather for a play or two on a long drive or for a series later in the game. — ADAM RODRIGUEZ / HELOTES, TX

Nick: It's not something we've seen much before, at least in a pure rotation. I do think the Cowboys have figured out different packages to put more linemen in the game and doing it now with McGovern, even though he's more of a fullback. I think the continuity of the linemen playing together overrides keeping the players fresh. But it's not a bad thought.

David: I love a good "outside the box" question. Obviously, I have never played offensive line beyond the peewee level. But from everyone I've ever talked to, you'd prefer to have that type of continuity where you trust the guys alongside you implicitly. I do wonder if that's just an age old football adage. Maybe it's so entrenched in the mind of coaches and players that they just don't want to mess with a good thing. It's an interesting thought, but I doubt we'll see them try it.

With the trade deadline coming up, do you see the Cowboys being active? — ALLAN HICKMAN / ROCKWALL, TX

Nick: I see the Cowboys fielding calls, but that's about it. This is a good team with some decent depth, which feels weird to say. But the Cowboys would be rolling the dice if they choose to part ways with some of that depth. It's a long season and they'll need just about everyone they've got, we've already seen that. Now, the one exception I might consider is a trade that lands me a veteran that can immediately upgrade my own starter. I see that only really happening at corner or center. But personally, I'd be surprised if something happened. You use the trade deadline to make yourself better. At 5-1, I think the Cowboys think they'll get better when Gallup, Gallimore, Joseph and D-Law get back on the roster.

David: Not really, to be honest. This is a 5-1 team with a deep roster. And, as anyone in the front office will tell you, they're very excited about the guys they'll be getting back in the near future — from Kelvin Joseph to Michael Gallup to Neville Gallimore and DeMarcus Lawrence. More so than adding talent from outside the roster, they think they'll get a boost by bringing back these guys that haven't been able to contribute in the first half of the season.

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