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Mailbag: Reason For Concern At Left Guard?


The Cowboys have lost their starting left guard in two consecutive offseasons in Connor Williams and Connor McGovern. Both were relatively high draft picks as well (2nd and 3rd round), which is disheartening. Now pinning your hopes on late-round draft picks rebounding from injury or players being moved to a new position isn't very encouraging.Talk me off the ledge please.Thanks!– Rob Riggieri/Rutland, MA

Nick Eatman: I'm not sure left guard should put anyone to the ledge. Not saying it's not important but if the Cowboys aren't too worried about it, I wouldn't either. Personally, I wouldn't be afraid to put Tyler Smith inside if it means getting the best five out there together. And so if Tyron Smith and Terence Steele are healthy in the regular season, I do think Tyler is the best option at left guard. But if they don't do that, there's some solid options such as Chuma Edoga, who apparently had turned the corner last year before he got hurt. There's also Matt Farniok who started some games last year and he could factor into the mix. There might be some rookies who could compete for playing time. But ultimately, I think Tyler Smith is a fallback plan that doesn't have them too worried.

Mickey: Well, first of all, there is a salary cap. And every player can't be paid a big contract, and those two guys played well enough to sign more lucrative contracts with other teams than the Cowboys could afford. Plus, you are already paying one guard (Zack Martin) top dollar. As I like to say, you can't put a steak on every plate for every meal. On top of that, you have position priority with the salary cap, and I'm guessing no one has ever said, why we would have won the Super Bowl if we had a better guard. To manage the cap teams must develop young players. As our colleague Nate Newton likes to say, you just got to play these young guys. So, the Cowboys signed Chuma Edoga for some veteran-type insurance at left guard. Now we'll see what guys such as Matt Farniok and Josh Ball can do. There is always give and take. My question back to you would be, would you rather have re-signed your two leading tacklers from last year, Donovan Wilson and Leighton Vander Esch, or retained Connor McGovern? Keep an eye on this Farniok guy. Think he has something.

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