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Mailbag: Receiver Help? New Scouting Avenue?


With the offseason unknowns at WR looming, a player that hasn't gotten a lot of noise due to his season-ending injury is a guy like Cedrick Wilson. Where does he fit with this team? Does he have slot potential, or has the injury set him back too far in terms of progression? Is he a reason to wait on WR in the draft/free agency and see what he has to offer? - TANNER CARLSON / CROCKETT, TX

Bryan: David Helman has accused me of putting Cedrick Wilson in the Pro Bowl before he's even played a down for the club. I do have high hopes for him due to what I saw from his days at Boise State. If he could have stayed healthy, and with the front office going receiver by committee, he might have had a chance to make the rotation. I had him in the fourth round on my board and when they grabbed him late I thought it was a great get. I'd keep an eye on him as an outside player first, then see how he fits in for the other spots.

Rob: The Cowboys believe Wilson can compete for snaps next season, but he shouldn't prevent them from looking in the draft, especially if Cole Beasley isn't re-signed. I don't think Wilson is a pure slot receiver in the Beasley or Tavon Austin mold, but he did line up there some at Boise State. He's got versatility for a 6-2 wideout, similar to Allen Hurns.


Will the new American Alliance of Football be another avenue (i.e., free agency or draft) to find quality players for the NFL? - JAMES JORDAN / CONVERSE, TX

Bryan: I got my professional start working in The World League of American Football back in 1990. Not only was it a great experience for me but the players we had in the league. Some eight years after that I begin working on the pro side of scouting leagues like NFL Europe, CFL and Arena Ball were some of the first places I evaluated talent. This American Alliance of Football will also be an avenue to look for players just like those other leagues were for me back in the day. 

Rob: Sure, why not? The playing rules differ some, but in my opinion, this seems like a tangible way for NFL teams to evaluate players besides bringing them in for workouts. The NFL doesn't have a 'minor league' system, and right now there's no direct partnership between the two leagues from that perspective, though games are being broadcast on NFL Network.

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