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Mailbag: Replacing Tavon's Role On Offense?


Do the Cowboys have someone who can fill Tavon Austin's role, specifically the jet sweeps and misdirection plays? I believe it would be a significant issue to lose that aspect of the offense. - MICHAEL HILL / GILBERT, AZ

Bryan: I don't think they do, but I honestly wouldn't be worried about that. It's only been a very small part of the offense which I feel like has been a mistake. I thought they would have done more with him but it just hasn't happened.

Rob: Cole Beasley has been the punt returner in more of the fair catch situations before, and he's an option along with Jourdan Lewis while Austin is out. On offense, Austin is so unique that I don't know if any single person can replace some of the things he does. But Bryan is correct – he hasn't been used in space all that often.


I know Dallas is doing a TE-by-committee approach, but will Geoff Swaim eventually become the outright No. 1 TE for them? He's a solid blocker, has good hands, and knows what to do with the ball when it's in his hands. I always saw him as a backup at first, but he's looking like "the guy" at tight end. What are your thoughts? MORICE WELLINGTON III / VIRGINIA BEACH, VA

Bryan: I like what I have seen from Swaim and I don't disagree with you on his development. If I can take it a different direction, I am happy to see what Gathers has been able to do and I have hope for Schultz in the future.

Rob: Swaim is the No. 1 and No. 2 tight end, in my opinion. He's doing the dirty work that Hanna used to do, and he's the top option in the passing game at that position. He's done a really good job. You just hope it doesn't wear him down as the season goes on.

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