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Mailbag: Revamp the Attack Around Pollard?


What more proof do we need? We want Pollard! Should Kellen Moore use the upcoming bye week to revamp the running game to revolve around him? – Amos Longstreet / Roseville, CA

Patrik: It will never cease to amaze me how hellbent some are on refusing to have two great things instead of just one. The good news is the Cowboys know how to walk and chew gum at the same time regarding the running back position and, as such, they see the benefit of keeping the tandem of thunder-and-lightning going forward – seeing as Elliott has been extremely effective as the lead back and Pollard as well in his. And the goal of resting Elliott was with the mindset that the league's worst rushing defense could be scorched without RB1 on the field, and RB2 proved them right and in a major way. It's a beautiful tandem to have behind Dak Prescott, and you'll continue to enjoy the fruits of it even if you'd prefer half of the tree was scorched.

Kyle: If it isn't broken, let's not break it. Tony Pollard is an exciting development for this offense. A versatile weapon that can add an element of explosiveness at any point in the game. However, this coaching staff would be foolish to wear him down over the course of a 17-game season. The only thing scarier than a healthy Ezekiel Elliott or a healthy Tony Pollard, is BOTH a healthy Zeke and Pollard. The one-two punch has allowed for both guys (with the exception of one low hit to Zeke against Detroit) to stay fresh and still have some gas left in the tank for late game scenarios. Keep the one-two punch rolling, but sprinkle in a little more Pollard to keep a defense off balance.

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