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Mailbag: Roles For Both Deuce and Turpin?


Usually backup running backs also have to play special teams. Given Deuce Vaughn's size and speed, that would seem to limit him to being a return man. But then what happens to KaVontae Turpin? Is there room for both? You can only have so many small, quick guys on a roster.– Charles Garrett/Sacramento, CA_

Nick Eatman: Room for both? I mean, definitely if they're both legitimate playmakers. Go back to the last loss of the season in San Francisco. This offense was cooked once Pollard went down. This team just needs playmakers and some juice on offense. If they both can provide that, then yes there is room for both. I think it'll come down to Turpin and/or Deuce figuring out how to define a role on offense. Turpin did not have that last year and of course, Deuce wasn't here. We know they both could likely do something on special teams but it's offense that will get them both to the game. I just find it hard to believe that Turpin can't find a role on offense this offseason. Last year was different because he got here late and it never really fit. But there's no excuse for it this year, especially since there is a legit need for a speedy player that can be dangerous in the open field. 

Patrik: There is absolutely room for both, and that's because they play two different positions. It's not a Turpin vs. Vaughn battle, folks. The more accurate way to look at it? The Cowboys have two (albeit smaller) explosive talents that can benefit the offense and special teams, but Turpin is probably not going to be risked to offense on a regular basis due to his value as a returner; and that's why Vaughn is here to complement Tony Pollard in the backfield. Additionally, special teams is still Turpin's throne going into 2023, because you're not going to take what he did in 2022 (Pro Bowl as a rookie who had literally no off time in his USFL MVP season to joining the Cowboys) and dismiss it. In a worst-case scenario, I see Vaughn as insurance at kick and punt return — in the event of a Turpin injury — and a best-case scenario would see them split return duties (one to KR, the other to PR) to help manage durability while also creating a return tandem other teams would have difficulty accounting for.

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