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Mailbag: Safety Plan? Expectations For Dak?


So Earl Thomas is off the market, and I'm glad Dallas didn't choose to go that route after seeing how much money he got, as cool as it would've been to have him here. That being said, where do they go now with safety, if they are still gonna be looking at free agency? - JOSH HANSON / SAN ANTONIO, TX

Bryan: I have the feeling they will look to the draft in order to now grab a safety. Would not be surprised with that extra fourth-round selection they take the opportunity to address the position there.

Rob: Defensive line is a bigger need than safety, in my opinion. This safety market is still robust enough that perhaps there's a low-cost signing out there, but they very well could look in the draft for depth.


Do you guys think Dak is a victim of his success? Lots of Cowboys fans and NFL fans in general criticize Dak for his flaws like his accuracy and decision making. Seems people forget that he's a fourth-round pick with only three years of NFL experience under his belt. I can't think of many fourth-round picks, especially at QB, where so much was expected of them so early in their career. - TOMMY CALDWELL / EATONTOWN, NJ

Bryan: I don't think you're wrong here at all. When we were hunting quarterbacks in the early 2000s we would have given anything to have a player such as Dak Prescott to have fallen in our laps. He would have solved all our problems. In looking at his first three seasons you would have to say where he came from to now has been nothing short of remarkable and he deserves much more credit than what he's received. 

Rob: I don't view Dak as a fourth-round pick anymore. He's a Pro Bowl caliber player who never should've been picked that low. There's a lot expected of him, but honestly, that's the job. I think he'll continue to get better because he's deeply committed, but his mistakes also get magnified by the market in which he plays and the Cowboys' rich quarterback tradition.

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