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Mailbag: Should Bryant Receive Pro Bowl Consideration?


With Dez Bryant having the numbers he has this year, would he be under consideration for the Pro Bowl?

Bryan: There will other players that I am sure that will be getting consideration but when the people that vote around the league see the types of plays that he makes with his hands, the body control and balance it will give them reason to pause and think if they are voting for the right guy. If Bryant is going to make the Pro Bowl, it's going to be how he finishes this season because there is no doubt that this quarterback will continue to get him the ball at every opportunity he can because he has a confident player on his hands.

Rowan: Definitely under consideration. If he continues down the stretch the way he's played the last four weeks, he deserves that nod. Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall are statistically the two best receivers in the NFC, but Bryant's making his case late and coming on strong.


Is Brandon Carr underperforming?

Bryan: I understand what Carr went through yesterday after what happened in Kansas City, to be honest I know he plays with the Cowboys, but those players are his brothers too. Against the Eagles it was a rough game and maybe that had something to do with it. Where I was excited about Carr playing for this team was when he would press and play that rugged style which we saw earlier in the season. Even on Chiefs tape I never thought he was a burner by any means and when you see him play off, you see some of his struggles with speed. I was expecting a different player and again, at times he has been very good but as of late, there have been some plays that frustrate you. I give him a pass for last night but going forward, this defense is going to need him to step up and be the type of defender he can be.

Rowan: There are games where he's underperformed this year, last night being one of them. Being a former Chiefs player, Carr was visibly shaken by the tragedy in Kansas City. He admitted it was tough to get up for that game. He's been a solid corner but not a shutdown type so far this year. Whether by scheme or by choice, too often he gets away from his forte of slowing receivers down at the line. He's not at his best when he has to get in a foot race. With so many injuries and a rookie opposite him, the Cowboys will need more from Carr in the final weeks of the regular season. I think he's capable of giving it.

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