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Mailbag: Should Cowboys Use No- Huddle Offense Against Ravens?


I think the Cowboys should use the no huddle offense against the ravens. I think it will tire out that ravens defense and give the cowboys some opportunities. What do you think?

Nick: It all goes back to running the ball. If you can't do that, you can't really move the ball very well. You can try different things like no-huddle and hurry-up, but if you're not successful, you'll be a quick three-and-out and then tire out your own defense. The Cowboys have gone no-huddle several times this year, especially in the Bucs game. They've had minimal success with it. Execution is the key, whether you're moving fast or slow.

Rowan: I think it can be employed more at specific points of the game. It may help the offense get rolling a little more, but there's been some obvious miscommunication problems on a couple routes so far this year. Speeding the game up and rushing into a no huddle might only make that worse. But there are times when a no-huddle offense could benefit the Cowboys, but they need to get into some sort of offensive rhythm first.


Are we now thinking we probably should have drafted David DeCastro in the 1st Round?

Nick: Not sure why we'd be thinking that. Yeah, the guards need work but once Jenkins leaves next year in free agency, you'll probably be happy Claiborne is still around. DeCastro probably will be a good player, but how do we know that right now. He's out for the season. So I think guard and the center spot need to be addressed next year, but I don't think they should have regrets.

Rowan: It's easy to look back now and ask, "What if?" What if DeCastro cemented the line? What if the Cowboys didn't trade a second round pick? What if the Cowboys signed DeCastro and he still got hurt for the year in what could be a career-altering injury? The guard play hasn't been great, but who knows if DeCastro would have fixed it. The Cowboys shored up a defensive back situation that had struggled in the past after addressing their offensive line with two free agent signings. They just haven't panned out as planned.

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