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Mailbag: Should Dallas Draft A Plug-And-Play Guard?


This appears to be an "all-in" year given the offseason work to date. So it seems to me that drafting a plug-and-play starter for left guard is the one piece necessary for a successful playoff year that is still missing. Do you agree? Or is there another position just as important for this year's draft? – Jim Mosley/Cottonwood Shores, TX

Patrik: Given the impact made by the Cowboys at key positions of need (e.g., Stephon Gilmore, Brandin Cooks) and in avoiding a massive step backward at others (e.g., Donovan Wilson, Leighton Vander Esch), the club is sitting mostly pretty when it comes to truly being able to focus on selecting the best player available in this year's draft … but not entirely. That's because, as you pointed out, the question mark at left guard is so glaring that it's beginning to cause speculation on what happens at left and right tackle — Terence Steele, Tyron Smith and Tyler Smith all playing a part in trying to solve an equation that could be instantly solved with the 26th-overall pick. For my money, if O'Cyrus Torrence (my 1B) or Steve Avila (my 1A) are there, you pull that trigger and celebrate. If they aren't, don't reach, but instead consider trading down (assuming a certain RB from Texas is long gone) and get iOL early on Day 2, while landing an extra pick in the process. Either way, it needs to be addressed with a premium pick.

Mickey: I think the Cowboys can just about draft any position in the first round if it's the best player available. You name it, the Cowboys likely will need it, short of a quarterback. Remember, this draft is not all about 2023. You have to look to the future, too. As for a plug-and-play guard, I'd be hesitant to take a guard at 26. But it'd be happy if I could get a tackle who can play guard, as you saw with Tyler Smith. Plus, you might be able to find that guy in the second round capable of stepping in and playing guard. And remember, the Cowboys have moved Josh Ball inside to compete for that job.

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