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Mailbag: Should Dez Consider Future Before Playing?


Is it worth taking a chance with Dez's finger when the Cowboys are only a few players away in the offseason from being a real contender? Dez needs all of his fingers to work properly to continue to be a stud in the future. This season isn't worth his future.

Jonny: To be honest, I don't think the Cowboys will allow Dez to play if a doctor specifically tells them that there is a significant risk to his career. Like you say, it's too risky for both parties. But that might not be the case. It's a very different example, but it seemed like Terrell Owens was risking his career when he came back early from injury, but he went on to be a model for productivity. I think pain is going to be a huge issue. If the pain is overwhelming, and he tries to ignore it, then he could risk injuring it further. I'm not a doctor, but pain is a warning side for your body, if you don't have a proper gauge of what is too painful then you will force your body into doing something it can't.

Rowan:  The minute I heard the injury was up to Dez, there wasn't much of a question he'd be out on the field and trying to suit up for Sundays. He's seen two doctors this week and yet still was on the field on a limited basis less than week after the injury. I doubt the doctors would let him go if they thought this would threaten his career. I'm not sure if playing now will permanently risk the rest of his playing days, but I would think playing through a fracture should be less damaging than playing through torn ligaments. Keep in mind it's only three games if the Cowboys don't make the playoffs, rather than a whole season.


Has the front office started communications with Anthony Spencer on a contract extension? He seems to have earned it this year.

Jonny: I think it will be a very interesting decision. I specifically remember Stephen Jones in training camp mentioning that he thought Spencer and his agent were somewhere along the "DeMarcus" side of the money and they would hopefully find a happy medium. Well, if you were to base their salaries off of their performances this year, it would seem like Spencer deserves something similar to "DeMarcus money."  

Rowan: It seems like Spencer's content on waiting until the end of the year to think about contract talks. He's definitely earned his paycheck. He's arguably been not only the best pass rusher, but the best player on defense the second half of the season. There's a reason he took over as the primary defensive communicator when Bruce Carter and Sean Lee went out. The Cowboys might have to shed serious cash to bring him back.

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