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Mailbag: Should Micah Parsons Play DE Full Time?


It's way early, but Micah Parsons looks like the best defensive end in the 2021 draft. How are they not going to use him on the edge full-time going forward? – DENVER / MANSFIELD, TX

Nick: What's wrong with just letting him be a guy that can do both? Who have we seen that can be a dynamic pass-rusher and linebacker in his first three games of his career? Now, what we haven't seen yet is a team that decides to run the ball at him when he's at end. We haven't really seen him rush the passer against a team that is at full strength at tackle. And when D-Law comes back, then it'll probably make more sense to keep him at linebacker. But I'm fine with him lining up all over the place and forcing QBs to locate him pre-snap.

David: I'm at a loss for why people want to put the guy into a box so quickly. It's amazing that he's playing so well as an edge rusher. But if I've learned anything about Micah Parsons, it's that he's got the type of insane athleticism that will let him do damn near anything he wants to. That can help him as an edge rusher. It can help him blitz. It can also help him drop in coverage and make plays in the passing game. If Parsons keeps proving that he can do everything, why do you want to limit him? Football is all about matchups, and a guy with this type of versatility gives you an edge all over the field. I want to see it all.

With Terence Steele drastically improving and La'el Collins being as versatile as is he is, could the team move La'el to play guard on the left side when he returns? – BRANDON HODGE / FORT WORTH, TX

Nick: Man, things have changed quickly around here. Now, we're going to move La'el inside because of Steele? It's just funny to me how the narrative switches this quickly. I think Collins goes back to right tackle and Steele is the backup with experience. Things are going to have to really bottom out at guard and center before we see those kind of changes.

David: Could they? Yes. Will they? I don't think so. For starters, as good as Terence Steele has been, La'el Collins is still the much better player at this point in time. On top of that, La'el hasn't played guard since 2016. I'm sure he could handle it, but I don't get why you'd ask a guy to switch up after so much time spent on a completely different technique. Finally, let's not mess with the depth. We've known the Cowboys needed better depth at tackle, and they finally have it. There's already decent depth at guard between Connor McGovern and Brandon Knight. Let's not mess with a good thing, because if I had to guess, they'll probably need Steele again this season even after La'el returns.

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