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Mailbag: Should The Cowboys Start Extending Young Stars?



I don't know what the cap will be next year or how much money the Cowboys will have for free agency, but wouldn't it make sense to extend contracts to Sean Lee and Dez Bryant this year?

Bryan: It's something that Stephen Jones, Todd Williams and Adam Prasifka think about all the time in regards to the budget. My experience with the group is that when they get to training camp they will begin to work on pending deals going forward. Lee has one year left on his deal, while Bryant has two. The goal is to try to get something done at that time but if not they will continue to work on them within the frame work of their budget.

Rowan: Yes. The sooner those players can be locked up, the better, and it's not just Lee, whose contract's up at the end of the 2013 season and Bryant, whose deal is up a year later. DeMarco Murray's deal is also up after the 2014 season, as well as Bruce Carter's. Everyone knows extending Tony Romo would help keep the franchise quarterback around, but there's a few other positions the Cowboys also have to think about. Getting and staying under the cap wouldn't necessarily a bad thing.


With the release of Sensabaugh, does this increase the Cowboys' chances of drafting a safety like Kenny Vaccaro in the first round if he's available?

Bryan:I have always believed that Vaccaro was even in the mix before they released Sensabaugh. The plan appeared that Danny McCray was going back to his role as special teams captain and core guy. With that being the case, they were going to need to address his spot. Vaccaro will be an option but there are two areas to look at now. The depth of the draft is good at the position as is the depth with the unrestricted free agents. [embedded_ad] Keep an eye on adding one or two of those types of players or maybe we see Sterling Moore slide over and be part of that mix. There are plenty of options at this position, where in years past, it hasn't been that way.

Rowan: If they don't pick someone up in free agency prior to the NFL Draft, then he certainly remains a viable option for the team with that first pick. There's a couple safeties who could go in the first few rounds, but there's also a lot of options in free agency. However, the Cowboys don't have a load of money to spend on capable free agents at any position. Spending a first or second round pick on a safety also means that's one less chance to grab an offensive lineman or defensive lineman, which I would consider an opportunity lost.

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