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Mailbag: Should WR Injuries Mean More Pollard? 


When you couple James Washington's injury with the uncertain return date of Michael Gallup, that has to make Tony Pollard as a receiver as a more viable option than ever before. Do you agree? — JOHN WALKER / LAGO VISTA, TX

Patrik: I believe that should've been a thing prior to now anyway so, that said, it should most certainly put him in line to take more snaps as a receiver - be it out of the backfield and/or especially in motion to award him some duty out of the slot. Pollard is most dangerous when you can scheme him into space, so do it, because now you don't have any justifiable reason not to.

Kyle: As much as I believe Pollard will see plenty of time using his receiving ability this season, there's very little he could do to truly help the wide receiver situation. Pollard should see more touches this season than any other throughout his career, including a decent number of two-back sets with Ezekiel Elliott. So, with more responsibilities, I'd be shocked if he saw the majority of his snaps a wide receiver or outside the formation. That doesn't mean it would never happen. But in order for Dallas to feel better at receiver, they'd have to make significant move to push Pollard outside.

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