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Mailbag: The Slot Receiver Situation? Deion On Dez?



I feel like the Dallas Cowboys have three slot receivers in Tavon AustinDeonte Thompson, and Cole Beasley. If we do count Austin as a WR and barring any injuries to them, do you think all three players make the team? And if not, which two have the best chance to make the team?

Bryan: Thompson isn't a slot receiver. He plays outside and he's your new Brice Butler with the down the field speed. They will give him every opportunity to make this roster but it's not a given that it happens. 

David: Thompson has shown some versatility these past few weeks, but I don't view him as a slot receiver. I think Austin's skillset is also a bit too varied to try to peg him down as simply a slot receiver. Bottom line: I think it's totally possible that all three make the team, but we'll see how it shakes out at camp.

What are your thoughts of Deion Sanders saying bring back Dez Bryant back?Even if the Cowboys were to ask him and if it was me I wouldn't come back. Idon't see it happening anyways because if they wanted to make a deal beforehe left they could have worked it out.

Bryan: Pretty simple. They've moved on from Bryant. 

David: Sounds like a meaningless offseason talking point to me. Dez Bryant isn't coming back. The Cowboys don't want him back, and I don't think he'd want to come back if they offered him the chance.