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Mailbag: Surprise Standouts In Camp?


With the first two running back positions set in stone, what does the battle between our undrafted rookies look like? — MICHAEL GALLOWAY / RICHMOND, TX

Nick: It definitely looks like a battle. Unfortunately, with no preseason games, it's really hard to tell who is separating themselves from the pack. They always run to the end zone on every play, so the difference between breaking tackles and getting extra yards is really tough to decipher. Darius Anderson has some serious speed but there's something about Rico Dowdle that seems intriguing as well. I wouldn't be surprised if maybe both of them end up on the extended practice squad.

David: I really like what I've seen from Rico Dowdle. He seems to have some juice, and he has shown some really impressive footwork to fight off contact. My only question is: with two very good running backs already on the depth chart, will the coaching staff keep a third? Some of Jason Garrett's teams featured just two running backs and a fullback. Mike McCarthy's preferences could determine whether one of those guys gets a shot.

How has Luke Gifford looked so far in training camp? After last year's promising start in training camp and then the injuries derailing his season, I was looking forward to hearing what he's done. — MCLEAN POULIN / HAMPDEN, ME

Nick: He gets his share of backup reps and he hasn't really done a lot to shine, but I don't think that's any different than last year. He made his big moment in the preseason and that helped solidify his spot on the roster. He does look active and healthy again and I would imagine he is in good shape to make the active roster again.

David: He looks fine. Linebacker is a hard position to judge during training camp, because they aren't supposed to tackle, but he has made some plays. I like his odds to make the back end of the depth chart.

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