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Mailbag: Switching To 3-4? Blake Bell As A QB?


Based on what's happened in free agency so far, do you think a 3-4 alignment could be better suited for our personnel? If Jaylon were moved to rush end with D-Law and then start Lee with Vander Esch and Joe Thomas at linebacker, it might be our best combo of players on the field. Maybe draft someone like Kenneth Murray or Patrick Queen in the first round at 17? - TROY JUBINVILLE / ESSEX, CANADA

Rob: I don't care as much about the 4-3/3-4 thing as others. We're talking strictly about the base defense. The Cowboys are usually in nickel with a four-man line at least two-thirds of their defensive snaps, if not more. And we've seen former coordinator Rod Marinelli deploy a three-man line in the past. I do think Smith is effective as a downhill rusher, and Gerald McCoy gives them some flexibility on the line. They've got enough versatility to play multiple fronts, and that's probably what we'll see next season. Find more guys in the draft who can help in that regard.

David: Hopefully this new defense is a little bit of everything. I agree with Rob in the sense that people overreact to the actual label. But this group of players does give them the flexibility to be multiple. Gerald McCoy and Dontari Poe can be effective in a three-man front or a four-man front, and Jaylon Smith can definitely rush the passer. I'm hoping we get to see them use that versatility.

Never heard of Blake Bell before Dallas signed him. After watching highlights of him at Oklahoma running, catching and throwing TDs, my first crazy thought was: Wow, this could be our Taysom Hill. I am crazy, right? - KEN SMITH / SHARPSBURG, MD

Rob: Dak Prescott is your Taysom Hill. He's versatile enough to do whatever you want at the quarterback position, pass or run. And for what the Cowboys will eventually pay Prescott long term, I'm not taking him off the field for Blake Bell. Sorry. I do think Bell can help as a blocking tight end and a core special teams guy.

David: If the Cowboys want to dial up some goal line looks for Blake Bell because he's 6-6, 250 and has history at quarterback, I'm down. Either as a quarterback or an H-back, he'd be a tough guy to stop with the ball in his hands down near the end zone. Or, if Kellen Moore wants to draw up some trickery with Bell and Dak on the field at the same time, that sounds fun too. I'm not convinced I want to see very man snaps where Bell is on the field and Dak isn't.

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