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Mailbag: Taco's Progress; Status At Backup QB


What's your take on Taco so far? - VINCENT VINCI / LAURENCE HARBOR, NJ

Bryan: Charlton had a great start then he got injured. This is a huge offseason for him. He needs to get healthy and stronger to step up and do the job they drafted him to do. He has ability but not a lot of time.

Rob: You know how we look at the overall season in two halves – pre-Amari Cooper and post-Amari? That's kind of how I view Charlton's year. He started the first seven games and did some good things rushing opposite DeMarcus Lawrence. Then Charlton hurt his shoulder against the Titans, missed the next three games and sort of fell out of the rotation until Week 15. He had shoulder surgery in January and should be good to go for 2019. Like Bryan said, this is a big year for him to find a consistent role in the rotation.


Given the workable amount of cap space, the number of veterans available, and the inexperience at backup, should the Cowboys consider signing a veteran QB this offseason? - JEFF PARSONS / AMARILLO, TX

Bryan: I have learned from cap guys around the league that what appears to be cap space by the media actually doesn't take into account things that have already been planned for such as tenders and tags. What we think might be plenty of space actually isn't so be careful. Do they bring in a veteran QB? I would not. I would make Mike White and Cooper Rush battle for that spot and see if there is any improvement there. My feeling is that White is better but he needs to prove it.

Rob: Does Jon Kitna count as the QB coach? Kidding. In the last few years the Cowboys have chosen the path of developing young quarterbacks over shuffling veteran backups in and out. It worked with Dak Prescott. It didn't work with Matt Cassel and Brandon Weeden. Perhaps Mike White, their draft choice last year, can push Cooper Rush for the No. 2 spot this summer. Unless the front office decides to change philosophy, they've invested in their growth.

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