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Mailbag: Taco's Role? 'Good Loss' To Colts?


Could that have been a good loss at Indy? Coupled with the fact that the Redskins and Eagles both won, I bet the Cowboys show up prepared, focused and angry this week and take care of business and win the NFC East. - BRIAN STEVENS / LAS VEGAS, NV

Bryan:No loss is a good loss. They should have showed up ready to play against the Colts but they weren't and got their hats handed to them. They were on a good roll and for some reason decided not to play their best. Better find a way to beat Tampa because playing the Giants the next week is no bargain.

Rob: I believe the Cowboys will clinch the division, too, but despite the ugly score I think they were focused and prepared against the Colts. They just got beat – soundly. It was an eye-opener for sure. And I don't love the 'good loss' theory because some of their problems in that game (red zone, finishing drives) have cropped up at times throughout the season. The difference was the defense didn't play nearly as well as it normally does.


I had always viewed Taco Charlton as more of a left defensive end. I know body structure isn't everything but Taco seems similarly built to David Irving with similar athletic traits. Is it possible that Taco could occasionally slide inside to the 3-technique spot in the future and be more productive? - REUBEN JOHNSON / MT JULIET, TN

Bryan: Charlton doesn't have the physical structure of Irving. If you were to stand next to him you'd understand this. I agree about the left end comparison and could see him playing inside on nickel downs but not every down.

Rob: Nobody has a frame quite like David Irving's. Agree with Bryan that Charlton could rush inside in certain situations, but I'm just not sure that's the best spot for him down for down. It takes a toll inside. Ask Tyrone Crawford, who's built more for the position.

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