Mailbag: Tavon's Role? How To Find Line Depth?


Is the reasoning for the staff cutting Darius Jackson and Bo Scarbrough not based on their skills or what they bring to the table, and more based on what they believe they have in Tavon Austin? - MICHAEL AQUINO / WHITEHALL, PA

Bryan: That could be a reason, but I said all along that I didn't feel like Scarbrough or Jackson deserved a roster spot. They might have thought the same thing and they took the opportunity to keep another position like a quarterback or tight end.

Rob: They think fullback Jamize Olawale can run the ball in a pinch. More than anything, that allows them to go lighter at running back. We didn't see much of Austin in the backfield in camp, but maybe that changes in certain situations once the season starts.

The Cowboys tried to add O-Line depth in free agency. But Cameron Fleming has struggled and Marcus Martin was out of shape before getting hurt. With 5 entrenched starters, attracting starter-caliber offensive lineman to be backups will be difficult. Should the Cowboys continue drafting offensive linemen fairly high? Maybe not in the first round but in later rounds where they can control that player for 4 years at a reasonable salary? It may be the only way to create depth. - JEFF GALLO

Bryan: Never a bad idea drafting offensive linemen and wouldn't be a bad plan going forward. I like drafting defensive lineman too because those are just hard positions to find.

Rob: They tried to develop depth in 2015 by taking Chaz Green in the third round. Didn't work out. It's becoming more and more difficult to find depth there, and it might be because of the way colleges play offenses nowadays. Very few pro-style systems. But, a little like pass rushers, I think you always take a look at drafting offensive line at some point for the reasons you mentioned. Sometimes the draft doesn't fall the way you hope and it doesn't happen, though.