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Mailbag: Team More Likely To Pursue Veteran WR?


With Dez Bryant possibly facing a suspension, is it more likely for the Cowboys to pursue a veteran wide receiver?

Nick: I think it's more likely now than it was before, yes. Because if Dez is suspended and the season started soon, not only is Ogletree making this team, but he's starting. Yes, I think you have to look even harder now for a receiver.

Josh: It's certainly more likely than it was. The good news is they've got the money to sign just about any of the available free agents. Of course, I don't think they want anyone who is going to stop the progress of their other young guys. Besides, who knows how long the legal process will take? It's possible that a suspension wouldn't even come until the 2013 season, if at all.


If Jason Garrett were the head coach in 2010, do you think the Cowboys would've drafted Dez Bryant?

Nick: Good question. But my answer is yes. I think as much as Garrett preaches the discipline factor and wanting strong character players, he wants to win as much as anyone and for that spot in the first round, it was a good gamble to get this guy. And I still think Jerry Jones is making the final call or at least has a huge voice in the matter. So my answer is yes to that.

Josh: Well, Garrett was certainly around in 2010 when they drafted Bryant, and I've never heard that he was standing on the table pleading with Jerry and Stephen Jones and Wade Phillips not to take the guy. As important as it is to Garrett to build a team with "the right kind of guys," it's most important to him to win. Does he get frustrated with Bryant? Of course he does. But I think he realizes what Bryant can be, on the field and off, and embraces the challenge of helping him get there.

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