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Mailbag: Third QB Or Another Defensive Lineman?


Jack Brezette
Dallas, TX

Do you feel that the Cowboys are more likely to carry a third quarterback or extra defensive lineman?

Bryan: That's an interesting question when talking about putting together the roster. I am always on board for carrying extra offensive and defensive linemen just because they are so difficult to find as the season wears on. Those guys just are not on the street when you need one, so that would most likely be the direction that the front office goes. With the Romo back issue still fresh in everyone's mind, there might be the thought about carrying that 3rd quarterback. The only guy that I would consider would be Dustin Vaughan but he is really going to have to show me in practices and some game work that he is totally worth that spot. If not, the extra defensive linemen will be the guy.

Rowan: I'll go with the extra defensive lineman. Had Kyle Orton still been around, I probably would have said three quarterbacks. At this point in time, though, I don't think they have a third quarterback they're that thrilled about that they'd use a roster spot at that position. The defense can use as much help as it can get, and the coaches are going to have a difficult time as it is cutting down that side of the ball late in training camp. An extra roster spot could help tremendously with so many young players.

Carl Anthony Gradney
Houston, TX

Do you feel that Tony Romo has the chance to join the list of quarterbacks that have thrown for 5,000 yards in a single season?

Bryan: As much as I would enjoy witnessing Tony Romo throwing for 5,000, for the sake of the squad I don't think that would be a good thing. The closes that he ever came was in 2012 where he passed for 4,903 yards but that was on 648 attempts. It was also a season where he had his lowest quarterback rating of 90.5. As good as Romo can be throwing the ball, having a running game makes him a better quarterback. It takes the pressure off him to have to carry the load plus it helps him with his health in putting him at risk. Balance will always be the key in my opinion.  

Rowan: He's never done it before, and I just don't think after two back surgeries is when it's going to happen. All offseason everyone has touted the offensive line, and if all goes to plan, the Cowboys should trust their running game more than they have in the recent past. If Romo does end up throwing for 5,000 yards that probably means the team's been trailing and they've been forced to pass all game. He didn't hit the 4,000-yard mark last year, and I just don't think he eclipses the 5,000-yard mark for the first time in his career this year, even if he does have a good season.

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