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Mailbag: Thoughts on Biadasz, Pro Bowl Format?


It was nice to see Tyler Biadasz get a little recognition with a Pro Bowl invite? What did you think of his play this year? Also, what are your thoughts on this new Pro Bowl format? – Wade Smith/Ft. Worth, TX

Nick: I've been somewhat critical of Biadasz over the years, but not so much this season. If you're not noticing the center, he's probably doing a good job. Obviously, he did enough to impress the coaches, players and fans who voted him as a Pro Bowl alternate. Let's not forget that getting Pro Bowl recognition is always the hardest the first time, so credit to Biadasz for that. As for the Pro Bowl format, I'm one of the few people who actually liked watching the game. I know that it became a non-contact event over the last few years and how could you blame the players for that? But I found myself watching it most years. I don't know what to make of the Pro Bowl Games. I'm sure there will be plenty of highlights to see, but as of right now, I'm not going to lie, I wish there was a game, even if you need to add the air quotes around the "game."

Mickey: Thought it was very fitting Tyler Biadasz was voted the NFC's first alternate Pro Bowl center. Think about this: While so many were skeptical of his ability before the season began, he had only started one full year in the NFL, and thought he played well. Not great, but showed he had a future. Like I said at the time, Mark Stepnoski didn't become THE Mark Stepnoski his first or second year in the league. Step was voted to his first Pro Bowl and first team All-Pro in 1992, his fourth year in the league. Tyler makes it to the Pro Bowl his third season after starting just four games as a rookie and has a bright future. Just look what happened in the one game he missed with the ankle sprain the final game of the regular season against Washington. As for the Pro Bowl format, it's about time. Can't wait to watch. Could hardly watch the faux games they had been playing.

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