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Mailbag: Thoughts on impact of new kickoff rule?


What are your thoughts on the new kickoff rule? Do you see guys like KaVontae Turpin having more of an opportunity to impact the game? Or do you think teams are still going to aim for a touchback as much as possible?– Justin Oswalt/West Haven, UT**

Nick Eatman: I like it. That's my initial thought on it because I really hated how the kickoffs were trending downward. I guess I can say that as someone who has never run down on a kickoff in the NFL or tried to block someone who was. The collisions are obviously serious and that's why the league tried to take it out of the game. But now they have seemingly found a middle ground. I think we're going to have to get over how odd it looks. The kicker is basically just hanging out by himself 30-35 yards away from everyone. But once the ball is caught, I think it'll be a fun, exciting play again. And there will be a lot of strategy involved. It's going to depend on the returner back there and also what kind of offense is about to take the field. Maybe you don't want to give the ball up at the 30-yard line or maybe there will be some line-drive kicks that can roll into the end zone – sounds like that touchback is only at the 20. Lots of options here but I applaud the NFL for looking at other leagues and finding a better way to do this play. From a Cowboys' standpoint, yes I want to see KaVontae Turpin in the open field a little more.

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