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Mailbag: Time To Worry About Zuerlein? Tiebreakers?


If both Dallas (10-4) and Tampa Bay (10-4) win out, and Green Bay (11-3) loses one more game, there will be a three-way tie for best record in the NFC. Who will win the tiebreaker? — KHEVIN DEVAUGHN / GLENDORA, CA

Nick: Based off that, you're assuming the Cowboys win out. If so, they'll have just one NFC loss so that would make them the No. 1 seed with an 11-1 NFC record. But I'll say this, no one was seeing Detroit beat Arizona or the Bucs getting shut out at home. So my guess is that the craziness has only just begun.

Rob: I believe it would come down to conference record. At the moment, the Cowboys have the best conference record at 8-1, followed by the Packers (8-2) and Bucs (6-4). The Cowboys have remaining NFC games against Washington, against Arizona and at Philly. The Packers play the Vikings and at Detroit. The Bucs still have a home-and-home against Carolina.

I'm not advocating to get rid of Greg Zuerlein because of his strong leg and he is pretty clutch when it comes to kicking field goals. But the Cowboys have to start getting concerned about all of these missed extra points. It hasn't come back to hurt us yet, but we might not be as lucky in the coming weeks. Is there anything that you guys can see during practices? — MARK SOMMA / GAINESVILLE, VA

Nick: He's fine.

Rob: We really don't get to watch kicking during the open portions of practice. I will say the wind was a factor on the first miss. Given Zuerlein's history -- and maybe most important, his history with John Fassel -- I think there's still plenty of confidence in him. And the overall production on kicks has been there -- he ranks fifth in total points (110). He does have five missed extra points, but most of the league's leading kickers have at least two misses. I don't think it's a major concern for the Cowboys. When the playoffs roll around (assuming they eventually clinch), home-field advantage in climate-controlled AT&T Stadium would be helpful, though.

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