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Mailbag: Too Many Specialists On The Roster?


In regards to the depth concerns at cornerback and offensive line, the Cowboys seem to have more specialty players on their roster then most other teams. KaVontae Turpin is a returner, C.J. Goodwin has made a career as a gunner, then of course there's the long snapper, punter and kicker. When only 46 players can be active per game, and 53 on the active roster, doesn't it seem sort of risky to make five of those guys "specialists"? – Joshua Lewis/Kenna, WV

Patrik: Considering just how good the Cowboys special teams has been, one penalty-prone player notwithstanding, I'd say their formula is working just fine. Goodwin won't get you anything on defense, true enough, but he's an ace on special teams and fairly indispensable in what he provides. From there, the others you mentioned are flat out irreplaceable (along with one you didn't) — Brett Maher, KaVontae Turpin, Matt Overton, Bryan Anger — so really there's not as much wiggle room here as you think. Some would argue to possibly make Luke Gifford inactive for space at a another position, but he's been stellar on special teams and has helped with LB depth with Leighton Vander Esch absent so, no, I don't see an issue with the number John Fassel is allotted.

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