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Mailbag: Too Much Faith In The Cowboys WRs?




Do you think the coaching staff will be wise enough to use Bo Scarbrough late Q3 and Q4 against a tired defense? Marion Barber had great success with this plan until they thought he was a starting running back. Thoughts?

Bryan:If they pull Ezekiel Elliott off the field in those situations they all need to be fired. Scarbrough needs to make the team first and that in itself will not be easy.

David:I've got to see Bo make the team before I worry about what his role is going to be. He's a talented player, but I'm not super interested in taking a first-team All-Pro off the field for extended periods of time.



No one knows what next season will bring, but I see a bad trend at the WR position, they are average or long shots. How can you have that much faith in such an unheralded group?

Bryan:You could be right, but if it doesn't workout not only will the coaches change but so will that receiving group. It's a great opportunity to prove a lot of us wrong. I am willing to see how this turns out.

David:I'm not worried about the receivers, because I know they aren't the focal point of this offense. This team is going to run through Zeke and the offensive line. The receivers simply need to be good enough to get the job done. This isn't an all-world group, but I think they're good enough to take the pressure off Zeke.

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