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Mailbag: Too much pressure in the playoffs?


Since the 1990s success, it doesn't matter who the coach is or who the players are, this team continues to fail in the playoffs. Is it the media attention that the Cowboys get? Is there too much pressure? Or does the team feel like it's a given that they are going to win with all the media hype? Is there a sense of entitlement? How can this nearly three-decade drought be explained? – Jeremy Turner/Clovis, NM

Nick Harris:There's a lot of validity in the team potentially having too much playoff pressure. When the Cowboys lose, it's a bigger topic than when any other team wins. That is felt as soon as the playoffs rear around, but I would argue that it's not an insurmountable thing to overcome. You look at the Yankees or the Lakers who have similar pressures, and they are able to overcome that pressure to win championships. I think it's simply a mindset thing, and it'll take strong ones to overcome what's ahead.

Mickey: Sure is hard to explain there Jeremy. None of the reasons you possibly provided fly with me. These guys know very little about the history of the Cowboys playoff struggles, so the only pressure a majority of these guys feel is just what they put on themselves dealing with win-or-else ramifications of playoff football, not past failures. As for entitlement, that is lame. Do you think guys such as Terence Steele or Brandin Cooks or Damone Clark or Micah Parsons think they are entitled? Entitled because of what? They haven't won anything. They just plum got beat by a team that got hot down the stretch and played much better ball than the Cowboys did on Sunday.

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