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Mailbag: Tuesday Night's X Factor Player?


The Cowboys' front office's draft mantra is "draft the best player, regardless of position." What happens when the Cowboys have a top 5 pick and the best player is a QB or WR? – JON JOHNSTON / NEW BRAUNFELS, TX

David: The scenario you're proposing is exactly why the phrase "best player available" is a lie. The true mantra is more like "best player available, depending on need." We have to see what happens with Dak Prescott's contract. But if we can assume for a second that Dak is this team's quarterback moving forward, then my guess is that they'd try to trade out of that pick. If they couldn't do that, I think they'd draft the best defender available – regardless of whether he was actually the best player on their board.

Jonny: Can't say I don't like the way you framed that question, JJ. I personally believe linebacker Micah Parsons is a guy you don't pass up, especially watching the Dallas defense this year. But I don't think the speculation that they might draft a QB is crazy considering they're the ones who created the scenario that has people speculating.

Lamar Jackson is the obvious name to know, but Baltimore has a bunch of players coming back from the COVID-19 list. Who do you think might make the biggest impact on Tuesday night's game? – DARREN F. / KANSAS CITY, MO

David: I've said this a few times, but I'm pretty nervous about what this Baltimore D-Line might be capable of. Calais Campbell and Pernell McPhee have been on the COVID list, but they should both be available tonight. That's 128 career sacks that will be going against this ravaged Dallas offensive line. Buckle up.

Jonny: Rookie running back J.K. Dobbins has looked like a pretty good running back and he just needs one signature game for people to start talking about him like a young star. The Dallas defense just might make a star out of him.

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