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Mailbag: Two To Watch When The Pads Come On


After all the talk since the last game versus the L.A. Rams to the beginning of this year's training camp, who's the player you are most interested in watching? - MARLO DUNNIGAN / BATESVILLE, MS

Bryan: Xavier Woods. I think he's primed for a really big year. Had a chance to visit with him on Sunday and was super impressed with his answer on working with defensive backs coach Kris Richard. Woods has that look in his eye for a big season.

Rob: I can't wait to see Robert Quinn line up against Tyron Smith. Quinn has looked quick and active at right defensive end since OTAs, but the pads are always the best gauge. In fact, the entire defensive line competition is the most intriguing battle to me. Which 8-to-10 will they keep?

Now we're hearing new contracts for all three – Dak, Cooper and Zeke – can be done. What happened to Byron Jones in this equation? - RICH SWISHER / HOUSTON, TX

Bryan: I believe once you see Prescott's deal done you'll have a better idea of the other contracts. There will only be so much money left, so how the agent work with the front office will be key and Jones could be in that mix.

Rob: Don't assume he's out of the equation. They had some talks with Jones' camp in the offseason and still view him as a cornerstone. Obviously the size of those other deals, whenever they get done, will dictate space for others. This is why the Cowboys had to make the tough decision to cut Allen Hurns. When you're planning for multiple extensions, you've got to be deliberate with how you allocate your dollars elsewhere.

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